The Alternate God Realm Edit

There has been at least two occasions where Hance did not act as a Death God but as the very first true Lycan. As such because of his unusual parentage he was completely unique in his alternate form being a Morsai, having far more control than others, able to use magic and completely immortal. He looked after a sanctuary for his kind posing as a Lord to give them absolute protection as long as they stayed there even if it did mean dealing with humans as part of treaties and council from time to time. His elusiveness meant very few realised it was always the same person and even the few villages he allowed on his land took much notice either. On record exceptionally few humans were ever allowed anywhere near and most of them were the lesser lycans finding a mate outside their species that sought conversion. Hance could do this with some faffing about with herbs and the like though it would always be left to him to decide when.

He also could visit home whenever he wished simply using a door; because of the way the magic worked unless he allowed it, it would be impossible to reproduce of follow. Of course this also meant he seemed to disappear into thin air.

Though he accepted there was little he could do outside of his own chosen area, if a crime against his race was severe enough he might interfere dealing with it however he saw fit. These violent rages were exceedingly rare but made it severely clear exactly how he felt such as when two pregnant females were slaughtered and their children taken when found out what they were. That said he felt exceedingly guilty about it afterwards realising the amount of problems he'd unintentionally caused for them even if very understandable why he did it and did try to make amends.

This has been reused elsewhere.

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