This reality is governed by four great dragons whom zealously protect their chosen lands and govern over their own flights. Despite popular belief otherwise they are similar to blood relations and treat one another as siblings.

Hance - Azure dragon, very powerful user of ice magic even in heat and has been shown to have some necromatic ability. The way he acts while might be taken as chaotic is generally "What needs to be done". He guards the dragons graveyard in the high north and is also the eldest of the four.

Kane - Onyx dragon, very powerful user of fire magic. Without a doubt is purely in it to break things and cause others he considers beneath him to suffer. He has been banished to his own lands though does flaunt it and is the second eldest. Because of his actions Hance is often lumped together with him in how they both deal with death.

- Ruby dragon, a very powerful user of earth magic and has limited healing ability. She is charged with protecting the very land on which they walk and helping recovery from destruction. She is the elder of the two females and the only one of the two who willingly talks to Hance despite many of her actions speaking to the contray.

- Emerald dragon, very powerful user of healing magic and using plant life. She is charged with protecting the wilds of her land and is the youngest. She is the least seen of the four.

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