Dragon Lords are the key players in the Lord realm and are part of it's fabric of existance. This entry regards the Lords themselves and their broods because their actions are pretty interchangeable.

General description Edit

Dragon Lords are a rarer species of creature, few in number likely because it takes a long time for them to become fully mature when certain factors are met. Admittedly a few choose to go the flashy route making their presence very obvious while the majority prefer staying quiet in their territories so likely misreported as much as anything. Even the quieter ones will visit people however when they need to gather supplies or those they may choose to entrust with their brood though try and remain discreet.

When hiding their heritage they can look perfectly normal; human or elven depending on their family line meaning it is exceedingly difficult to spot them; bar their clothes being more formal this is rarely an indicator either. One will usually acquire a castle/mansion/what have you and use it as the root of establishing their territory which consists of a very large area with terrain to their suiting and to give their dragons plenty of freedom away from people that might also be in the area. This can mean people simply don't realise they happen to live in a Lord's territory.

Quite often their hair colour takes after their clan though the colour changing in at a far later date is hardly unusual and tends to do so when a child is much more established due to being very slow. Strange colourations are one of few give aways but should be noted they can simply use illusion to hide it. It won’t fool a Dragon or a Lord for sure but would be easier than explaining why it’s bright blue.

The Balance Edit

By their very nature they are somewhat between a dragon and regular mortals which likely explains why they need to be around both to be in balance with themselves and without side effect.

Because it's VERY unusual for any child to be away from dragons such side effects never seem to happen. However being away from a parent for an extended period and without a healer their nature can tend to take on a more dragon like quality from lashing out out of character or reluctance to speak or even tolerate a non-dragon. That said if whelplings are involved, their natural tendency to gravitate towards people they define as good (Which can be incredibly accurate) might help put them at ease.

The eldest Lords for whatever reason never had this issue and it likely comes from the fact they did their own thing and never acquired the same dependency on a healer that any offspring would do in part because it was far more recent that the two interacted all things considered. Of course it likely balances out that they are even more fiercely protective of any healer they take on given that none of them were young by any standard by the time the first one married.

Starting out Edit

Normally a child of a Lord will be given some whelplings of their family to start up their own brood when they go off on their own (Big exception is Hance, circumstance meant this never happened) since they would already be used to them and grown up with the hatchlings. Quite often they take on orphans and should an adult dragon trust their lineage enough, a brood to look after if they are forced away or made to abandon their nests.

An area near to their home will be found at least while they start out and while the whelplings are still young and unable to travel far and generally disperse further when they are able to travel more picking up more dragons as they go. From then on they simply go about their lives however they see fit though still keep in contact with their families.

Abilities Edit

Understandably because of their natural close ties with dragons, they are able to understand them as if they were speaking plain English to anyone else. The whelplings who tend to squeak more has claimed to just be rougher English with a few words missing when asked how they sounded.

If a dragon is part of their brood they can command them meaning it is very unwise to ever assume a Lord is truly alone.

Lords are able to perform magic usually on an element defined by their parentage which tends to kick in between 14 and their mid to late 20s though it is simply raw ability and certainly not how to use it until taught to do so. You can also end up with weirder combinations say someone able to use both ice and fire magic and even combine them if taught well enough.

Nearly all elements are accessible to them though how well they master it depends as much of the student as it does the teacher meaning some never do get the hang of it very well. They are not completely locked out of using say healing magic as one dragon group can do it to a degree but they will never be as good as the originals. Most just pick up enough to help themselves and their brood and rely on bandages and herbs for the rest.

Their wings usually kick in before or after magic does and takes after their parent with the very rare exception. They are fully flight capable once they get the hang of it and may be hidden entirely with little effort though it does mean maybe prefer cloaks to try and avoid tearing when they use them.

When fully matured they are able to take on the form of a Dragon themselves though is family dictated. Their clan colour is generally more evident and most use it more for getting from one place to another depending on their build. That said some do take the time to find ways to abuse the strength increase with their arcane knowledge to make themselves a worthy a threat as if they were in their normal form even without a weapon.

Relationship towards Dragons Edit

Lords by their very nature tend to have absolute trust in a Dragon particularly ones they themselves have bonded with and will do anything to keep them and any of their own brood safe from harm. Even untamed adults have been known to stop off and visit or even request that some of their own be looked after for a time without question from either side which is why space for them is always left available.

Bonded dragons are generally those they have had since a young age/hatching and will generally stay put with their Lord for the rest of their life bar perhaps if they go further a field in search of a mate before coming back. The trust between them is absolute and both will viciously defend one another because of it. Quite simply it’s a case of call and they will come.

It’s telling that Elisan, one of Kale’s Dragons, despite being heavily gravid point blank refused to let him go alone despite her condition when it was thought his son might finally have been found. She refused again to stay put when they headed off to the Templar held city to track down the Healer that was kidnapped from where Hance was with though she did keep out of the fight herself choosing to roar encouragement instead.

Relationships towards Healers Edit

Because of the history of a few select individuals, dragons, the Lords themselves and Healers all have very close ties even if history has lost most of the reason why for the younger occupation due to more recent events. Still, it does not change the fact all Lords sooner or later will pick up a Healer as a husband/wife and will defend them to the death if they have to without question. A side effect from being around the Lords and their brood is a far extended lifespan though to what point is unknown.

Dragons still revere healers for their role in saving the life of a brood mother (See here) and will do whatever they can to keep them out of harms way and fall over themselves or scritchies from one should it be safe enough.

Relationships towards Templars Edit

These more combat trained Healers/civilians are hugely mistrusted by both parties and will refuse to have anything to do with them to the point of seeing them as a threat. This likely stems from the fact Templars are well known for hunting/”saving“ people from fierce dragons though thus far none have had the gall to openly attack a Dragon Lord or a known brood that belongs to one. Younger dragons often get confused by Templar that were former Healers and do not know how to react.

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