The God Realm reality was used quite frequently and generally had the same basic premise with occasional alterations and story wise can be found in most detail on Hance's page. Because of that, this is more of a quick overview of other things that are related that for whatever reason I cannot mention elsewhere.

People of this reality include:

Hance Rayen Arthus Sendeni Dante Noir Kane

Hance generally would act as a Death God, guarding the door that leads to the realm of the dead from his home base which would be his own design or later messed with his father's original depending on what Kale was. In either case it is a surpisingly white lobby area which the river that flows into it pools at the entrance large enough to

hold small boats. Given his habit of simply producing doors out of 

nowhere to go wherever he likes the only one that is always there is a large wooden door surrounded by intricate mythological motifs and seemingly without hinge or any way to open it.

Amongst other things he has a large library with every book ever created or thought and a room full of objects he just happened to have picked up over time.

In the Sun/Moon version his magical abilities seemed far stronger than usual given he was able to turn Sendeni into a feather and told Bella to "Just add water" so she could get her surprise. He also ignored his father about not seeing Yas and served as part of the council of the younger Gods. Of course being related to who he was he was already in a slightly different league but he never got big headed about it and did put his own things forward while keeping out the more petty squabbles and digs at himself. They did seem to grasp it was better to deal with him than his younger brother though didn't stop Hance involving his brother should they have irritated him enough like say the incest claim about their parents... Even after Kale set someone's hair on fire over that.

Kale (NMC) has been a God of Creation, Peace, Destruction, the Sun it's self and Death so has been a real mixture over

time. As Creation he made the models that Rayen would breathe life into
for example while as Peace and Destruction he had his own 

temple/churches being far more known that his other two incarnations. His love for pink has never stopped regardless however and he has sported red, white and pink hair. Normally he lives with Rayen on another plane that has massive gardens and is like an open castle shrine

unbothered about the constant stream of animals to see her... or the 

rabbit. He finds any excuse he can to cook food and any excuse he can to

not eat it and give it all to her. 

As the Sun it was his doing keeping the two child stars safe and not even telling his wife about it so as not to worry her. While he's fiercely loyal under regular circumstances, this version gave him the fire excuse he doesn't normally have and would be the start of his more firey theme he kept on afterwards.

Bella (NMC) was only technically non-mortal the once being in the Sun/Moon version where she was a pink large whale creature who could also take on a human or mermaid look depending on her water access at the time. She also had a small pink whale she used to pass messages by having the squeaky teleport appear on people's heads. She along with her father (Pa) and six brothers helped guard the seas. She was a very good friend of Hance's making her one of very few that had regular contact with him on a non work related motive.

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