Hance of this reality acted as the resident Death God or the son of one in later versions albeit still with the same responsibilities regardless.

Headshot of Hance in his natural state.

Hance appears to be mid 20s black haired, about 6ft tall and he has naturally golden yellow eyes if he's not hiding his appearance. He has a more elven appearance, usually in full armour that is reminiscent of a western dragon in certain motif elements, a pair of his horns showing through, feathered wings and the fluffy tail. He does hide the wings if in smaller spaces or out of personal annoyance. Importantly he wears a simple metal chain around his neck which has a ring hanging from it. This ring he claims to be keeping until he may be lucky enough to see who it belonged to again so he can give it back.

His natural form is that of a wolf like dragon with thick black fur, paler Morsai horns, wings and solid golden eyes. He can also take a much smaller Morsai form if he so chooses given his dragon state is rather large. Since his fight with his Fiancee murderer it has become rare he goes in this form choosing to stick to the mid way or pretending to be human until very recently.

His actual role involves protecting those who have died or helping souls that become stuck/need specially escorting onwards. He is currently guarding a door which all the dead go through ensuring nothing can get at it which by his own admittance anything with enough knowledge could cause things to go pretty haywire if they did. The minions help him keep on top of things given not everything requires his personal attention and he's often busy.

Personality Edit

Hance is quite laid back likely in part to the fact he deals with dead people all the time. He's difficult to anger, happy to stop and chat and help out where he can and will happily go out his way to help dead souls by using dreams to pass on messages or farewells. He's certainly a figure that commands respect likely due to his heritage and the fact he will not tolerate crap plus has the authority and the ability to back it up though there is only one known record of him ever losing his temper badly.

This is only with the passed on however, he is exceedingly cagey and wary of living mortals and though willing to help out he seems to prefer saying as little as he can and not hanging about longer than needed. This is a stark contrast to how he used to be but given his several millenarian long depression due to his Fiancees murder it's understandable it's taking a while to warm back up to people. He still has periods where he wants to be left alone, usually for a few days before he's fine again; if it wasn't for the "revival" it's doubtful he'd have ever gotten over the death fully given the circumstances since he still blames himself for it.

Despite not needing to eat he has a fondness for tea as long as they are not fruit based which he claims just taste like heated water. Otherwise he just indulges in things to humour and shows no real interest in trying. He also loves to read which given he's got access to a library full of every book ever conceived he's got plenty to busy himself with when his workaholic ways aren't getting in the way.

Because of his very nature of being a death God, he will actually respond to many names though Hance is his original and preferred name. He sometimes goes and researches about himself out of curiosity and gets a tad irritated that he's so often shown as a wolf demon. This and seeing some historical events mis-reported can potentially get him onto a rant depending on his mood at the time and how absurd things have slid from the original. These tangent rants also include history being recorded incorrectly.

Status Edit

Having being reunited with his Fiancee, he had his hand forced in Yas finding out that the Death God and the seemingly human Hance she's been friends with for the past few months are actually the same person thanks to an attack from Arthus. He actually planned to tell her a bit later on that afternoon after his little sister had time to burn some energy off but this ended up not happening the way he would have liked.

She was just putting two and two together sprawled out on his natural form's muzzle much to his bemused look while he tried to carefully hide the massive stab wound in his side. Later he used partial armor covered in cloth to hide it before taking Yas back home since his natural state is too big for her apartment and only just about hiding how he was getting increasingly nervous himself. He does reassure that he'll be fine given a week and won't talk about any of it until she's ready leaving the outcome unknown.

History Edit

Hance is the eldest child of the original Death God, Kale (He's also been Creation, Peace and Destruction, he gets around a bit) and the Life Goddess, Rayen by... quite a chunk. He was already active during the period when mortals and the highers actually mingled more meaning it was hardly unusual to actually see one of them blatantly which you just never would now. Granted he never made it obvious what exactly he was and tended to be vague but he did appreciate people not freaking out at his natural form which has only become increasingly common over time.

One of the times he was lazing around, a small child decided to use him as a climbing toy before falling asleep in his fur. Given he never particularly minded this became a regular occurrence if he happened to be in the area and always under a particular tree in a more secluded area which is still a favourite of his now. As time went on she learned more about him and realised he was more than a gigantic black fuzzy snake and they ended up becoming good friends including with the minion critters of his. In fact his minions ended up taking the form more like Hance's because she found them cuter and less scary than their regular more wolf like guise.

Eventually they ended up becoming an item and it was very clear he did not give a damn about the fact she was mortal. There are still supposed traces of things he ended up getting her over the years though according to Hance some of it's too tacky for him to have even looked at. They were even engaged.

Then, Arthus a fellow God of illusions and false promise, killed her three days before the wedding in a spat of jealously that a mortal would even get a higher up to even look. Worse still, he pretended to be Hance and though she realised something was up she wasn't able to protect herself. Hance sadly was still too distracted to have knownd what had happened due to cleaning up a deliberate mess Arthus left meaning it took longer to get there leaving his mother to get first dibs on rage flattening. Because of the nature of her death being not when it should have been, she simply disappeared off the system so to speak.

The fight that broke out when he got there was certainly brutal enough for even history books to pick up on it. Though Hance, despite his blind fury, tried to avoid anyone being dragged into the fight Arthus did not care meaning more than likely further lives were lost thanks to him. Still the spat ended up lasting a few days and more than cemented the fact Hance is a lot stronger that he looks and perhaps not as idle as assumed. He sent Arthus packing so hard he never put an appearance again until recently or at least to his knowledge.

The side effect however was severe. With people becoming far more skittish of the Gods the age passed and they no longer blatantly hung around as they used to. Hance himself fell into deep depression and would take several millennium to even vaguely come out of it. Even when he did, he simply focused all his time on working to stop him thinking about it less he fell back again. It's taken to the past few centuries for him to actually ease off a tad though likely having a little sister has helped and has at least got him to start talking about her again.

You can imagine his reaction when his minions told him they had a surprise for him... That she had been found again.

Abilities Edit

Hance of course can shift between his natural "Longsai" form, human and whatever the heck variation of it he wishes such as a normal Morsai. It's a skill he tends to mess with depending on what he is doing at the time much like making his wings visible and not.

Hance weirdly has a ice magic specialty though can use fire as well albeit nothing on his father in that regard. This and his natural size does mean it's difficult for him to fight in small spaces or where lots of unbreakable objects are.

Due mostly needing to for working purposes, He can slip out of the living realm to a sort of echo behind it rendering him and anyone he happens to be touching invisible to any who cannot themselves see it. So that pretty much narrows it down to dead people and family.

He does have a teleportation ability which is helpful for getting home and back efficiently. He has been shown to be able to teleport others to a location and not himself.

Surprisingly he is well tried in sword combat use likely to help with the size issue if he's sticking to mortal form. He has a preference for a two-hander with a slightly curved long blade that he can summon and disappear at will.

Because of what he is he can tell a lot about a person as long as he's come into physical contact which can influence how he speaks depending on what he finds out. He is also able to track a soul's location if it's someone he wants to actually pay attention to such as Yas though he has to have met them before so they can be earmarked.

A weird quirk of his heritage has meant he can observe and even invade dreams which he tends to abuse for helping pass on messages for loved ones. He has also been shown to create visual illusions based on his memories or directly give a memory of an event to a person as well. It's very likely there are other things he's able to do and it has simply not been observed as of yet.

Relationships Edit

Yasindra (NMC)

Hance's Fiancee and I suppose technically she still is even if she still does not remember the majority of her former life with him. This time she met him at the coffee shop she works in when he stopped by posing as a lost newly moved looking for the library. He kept coming back regularly after that and mostly kept his mouth shut meaning they slowly became friends. He still kept a close eye on her though and at one point foiling a would be burglar. This lead to him finding a box filled with child like scribbles that clearly showed some residual memory of him and sadly her killer still existed. Still feeling guilty, he deliberately moved it and left a note inside for her to come find him along with a small clay figure she had made for him as a child.

This lead to him leading two separate personas for a while, that of a God whom would later confirm he's a Death God without a name and that of her best friend. In both respects he acted cagey though respectful and trying to help. Things like Hance telling her she wasn't crazy and that he himself had the ring he wished to give back to someone he really cared about which at the time Yas still didn't realise he meant her. He was pretty supportive of the weirdness going on though very careful to avoid any potential clashes with him expected to be anywhere as both selves.

He decided to finally tell her by taking her out for a picnic "accidentally" at the favourite spot she'd been seeing his natural self several times previous though he had no idea at the time his little sister would be joining them. Then again he couldn't have predicted Arthus being stupid enough to try and attack both of them leading into a fight which Kale finished either.

Regardless, whatever she decides to do with the information he'll want to be part of her life in some way even if it's not as close as he'd like. It's very clear he never stopped caring, still adores her and the relief at being told he had no need to feel guilty for something completely out of his control was very obvious.

Kale (NMC)

One of those times where he's never been too paranoid another his father, likely because he did have a girlfriend without prodding and things were going well before they all fell apart. He clearly has a lot of respect for him and he is a mite suspicious that he has something to do with Yas being back again but as yet not had the chance to ask about it. Hance has done a bit of messing around though to get things more how he prefers them but that doesn't seem to matter and likely given he needed the distraction anyway wasn't seen as too bad a thing.


By his own admission he's not been visiting as much during his depression period meaning she came to see him more which he does feel bad about though given he's finally started to act more normally again he's trying to sort that out. He might get embarrassed as heck from surprise hugs he does adore her and certainly the second in command for the "Smite those who upset Rayen" committee though he rarely gets the chance himself. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.


Hance's little sibling, Yas certainly caught him off when she asked him how old she was given the complete silence before he randomly came up with five out of nowhere. He does adore her and she's likely part of the reason that has helped him get over the worst of his depression given he hates her to see him when he's having one of his bad days. She might be a bit of a daddy's girl but it certainly doesn't stop him treating her to things himself and the minions are just as happy to play with her. He'll never pander to every whim like their father will but he'll still quietly indulge her at times to see her smile.


Given he was already on the "kill on sight" list for what he did to Yas the first time, for trying a second time AND going for his little sister he somehow found a whole new tier of it. As long as Hance is kept distracted enough he should hopefully not try and hunt him down. Given the stab wound through his side will take a few days for even him to heal completely it should help.

The Minions

It's believed it is Hance's doing these little guys exist, helping him maintain things with the amount of running around he has to do. Their natural selves appear as a more shadowy Morsai though due to the past Yas finding them scary, they took up a form that looks more akin to Hance's if a bit more noodle like. They are always eager to please, speaking in squeaks which he understands fine and mysteriously have gained a thumbs up habit from his father... At least one of them has been standing guard over Yas without her knowing abusing the fade out he employs at times.

He treats them to sweet foods despite they don't need to eat sometimes and even during some of his worst days tried to ensure they would be okay. If they do get "destroyed" they can thankfully be revived though does take a fair bit of energy on his part and makes neither side very happy with the attacker.

The Head Gardener

Hance personally likes the rabbit and is perfectly normal as far as he's concerned. Then again he's not the one stupid enough to pick his flowers either so that might be why.


Occasionally shown as Hance's younger twin brother in the Sun/Moon version, one time his rather twisted cousin. He really does not like him but does see some use for him such as getting Kane to do the fighting for him once he gave the right bait to get involved. He's more grudgingly tolerant but it's clear he can put him in his place if he has to though most of their spats have been verbal.

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