Rayen of this reality is a Life Goddess though with a focus on animals and children and is a renowned healer.

Rayen appears to be in about her mid to late 20s which given Hance has caused them to be mistaken for siblings rather than mother or son before (She finds it hilarious). She's quite tall with waist length blonde hair and greyish blue eyes. Because of her heavy dislike for shoes she is generally without them and prefers wearing quite long skirted dresses, usually in white as she claims any other colour makes her look ridiculous. Particularly orange, she will point blank refuse anything orange. She doesn't mind jewellery however and will wear it if it's a gift.

Her true form is very like a winged leopard sharing traits of the snow and the amur though she only let her husband and her son see it and even to Hance that was very rare. It's unknown exactly why though very possible Kale was told why and he never seemed to mind. At times she did let the wings and tail show through causing her to sometimes be mistaken for an angel.

Rayen's job role is a little weird as she pretty much does whatever she desires anyway making it seem far more of whimsy than perhaps it really is. Due to her closeness to animals she quite often has visitors who seek healing. She only does to what the body would naturally do by it's self as there is a higher cost if it could not which she perfers not to do (An injury with a splint would be fine for example, removing a hunk of tumours too far gone, not so much) and these seem mostly human induced. She will sometimes pass on messages for those who cannot themselves if they seek her out also.

Personality Edit

Rayen is a very quiet person who really dislikes being caught in the spotlight and actively avoids it if she can which likely explains why few realises she exists across the several verses she was though other reasons are suspected. This said she adores animals to a fault and can sometimes be found in the mortal world spoiling or helping them out particularly if children are involved. As for human children, she reluctantly keeps out of it but should it be necessary she will ALWAYS make the time. Such an exception would be a baby in ICU wanting his parents to know he will keep fighting, if they want him to. She also far more subtly drops hints to her son than say his father does...

For people in general, she once commented she still cares about them but like any child, they grew tired and wished to go off on their own. Though saddened she has accepted this saying like any mother she will be there waiting for when they want to return.

This said despite her very motherly nature she does have a fierce temper and a force to back it up with. This was made very painfully clear when she clocked Hance's fiancée being killed before he realised and she outright flattened the God who dared touch her let alone kill. She still left him with it enough for Hance but it took a little while before she calmed down to her usual self again meaning even more things ended up broken and she did snap a bit. She was very apologetic afterwards about the after mind and immediately went to comfort her son when his backlash subsided.

She also has this really eerie habit of perception by either figuring something out or having information on something that nobody has told her about. Granted some is likely because Hance never dared tell Kale anything out of fear embarrassment so always spoke to her instead.

Status Edit

Rayen is active though she only occasionally put an appearance in the various incarnations of this universe and usually involved embarrassing her son by hugging him. Generally she keeps herself busy with either visiting (Which could be work depending on what she actually does), spending time with her husband or looking after her young daughter Noir.

History Edit

Though there may be traces of her around the world and across the various versions of the God Realm, she's so quiet most don't even realise she's there. It's very possible her mother comment is related to this and why she's taken far more a focus on animals who do seem to recognise her on sight.

Abilities Edit

Rayen is a renowned healer to the point she can make things immortal to age and disease as seen with the rabbit and her two owl runners. This does not make them immune to pain and injury however and would still require her care should anything happen and it should be noted that she could remove the un-aging at a later date should any of the three chose. She simply did this to make their lives easier for as long as they wished to work for her.

Her abilities somewhat worked on plant life as well as making things flower seemed to just happen if she was around.

She can speak to and understand all animals causing many a one sided conversation. Also just being around them seems to make even the most aggressive animal a lovable push over who can't put a foot wrong. This was noted with a pack of wolves that were snappish towards Hance despite his status and having a wolf like other form yet falling over themselves to get attention from Rayen.

She does have a nack for locating people as long as she's met them before or someone is seeking her out, she can also vaguely tell if a life might be a continuation of an old one though she would need to watch them a time to be certain.

When angered it is a little frightening quite how strong she is and how much even rock would crack and break if she simply punched it, intended target of her rage permitting she would always be embrassed about it afterwards.

Relationships Edit

Kale (NMC)

Kale is Rayen's long term husband in this verse though how they met varies hugely depending on the circumstance. He does spoil her rotten with a variety of surprises and gifts, particularly with food despite her pointing out many time he doesn't need to. It's very clear they adore one another though and do spend a lot of time together despite quite often working at the opposite end of the spectrum. It's telling that the very few times he managed to annoy her he actually had the sense to work out why and do something about it, even if that made resorting to wanting belly scritchies. Also she seemingly doesn't mind what colour hair he has (Usually red/pink though occasionally white) unlike Hance who gets funny about it if it's leaning towards the pinker spectrum.

Kale's nicknames for her include: Princess, Ray and Queen (She quickly got him off that as she felt it was too indulgent) not to mention many others he used at complete random.


Rayen adores her son and regularly takes time out to go visit him as a result. Whenever something went horribly wrong she'd usually be the first one to try and calm him down and comfort. Equally she is never afraid to tell him when she felt he was doing something stupid and could prove just how blunt she can be. Really though she just wants her boy to be happy and preferably get himself a girl for grandchildren though she's far far more subtle about it than say Kale ever was. Even if it did mean occasionally resorting to phrasing it in a way he'd realise but nobody else would.


Noir being more of a daddy's girl never mobbed her mother as much though she clearly loved her and could be quite happily be found playing with her or the various critters in attendance. Rayen meanwhile was just glee she had another small child to look after since she adores them at that age almost to a fault.


Very rare they had encounters in the God Realm verse. When he was more equal she accepted he was there and related to Kale but otherwise was disinterested despite he was defiantly interested in her. Attacking her son's girl however in the main verse, that anger never has quite subsided and she likely will flatten him again if she catches wind of him before Hance.

Yasindra (NMC)

She personally thinks she's a sweet girl and she likes her. Across the versions of this reality she never really has had a bad word about her and has often advised to clout Hance around the head if he starts acting up as "it's very effective, I speak from experience". She would sometimes also get cobbled by hugs should circumstance permit.

Artemis and Deja

Rayen's two owls and long-term runners of hers. They often act as recon or passing messages while she's busy and get spoiled as a result. They are immortal though can suffer injury (Something Arthus abused in the past despite actually liking her) and still must eat and sleep. She cares about them a great deal often ensuring they have breaks happily listening to their chatter despite what she may be doing at the time. It is certainly possible that they are part of a family line she's had as she does make such an option clear if they wish to retire at any time.

The Gardening Rabbit

It's unknown where the infamous rabbit came from but clearly it's someone Rayen found at some point and offered the ability to never age in exchange for his services. The rabbit often rants to her about her husband though he clearly does like her a lot, happily accepting help with bits of gardening he cannot do for having a shorter body.


The Alternate God Realm Edit

On one occasion she has been the personification of the Moon, still a healer though children and animals are purely self-indulgent rather than having to. She watched over the Earth as a guardian and some of her surroundings if subltely leaving her husband to watch further afield or take over when she herself was busy. She was exceedingly rarely seen though certainly well known she was there. The only ones who seemed to ever have any contact were the far younger family guardians of Life and they were always purely on her own terms, outside family of course. She was still her usual friendly self however and generally down played who she really was unless it was required. She had been shown to have access to strong ice and water magic including the use of that not normally effected by the lunar pull with ease.

At one point during a council meeting of the younger Gods Kale was accused of marrying his sister in the form of Rayen because of what they were. Thankfully she seemingly never found out about it, or if she did she chose to simply leave him to it than get involved herself which is probably for the best.

In this verse she has another son, Kane, a personification of chaos.

Hance's girlfriend even if it took a long time for either to admit it. They are exceedingly close and she loves to abuse the fact he taught himself to cook. Given how much calmer he's been since she can only have been a good influence on him.

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