While not a race but an occupation, this entry has been put under this tag for ease of use.

The current head of the Healers is Sendeni who has been in this position for some years now.

The Healers refer to a group of people originally from all walks of lives who act as the medical profession for the world and do not fall under any banner unless they are specifically contracted by say a family. This will be the sole thing they do for usually the rest of their lives, earning little bar anything they are rewarded with and living off the kindness of others supporting them in gratitude.

Within their ranks there is still a variety of skills employed. Some like Rayen are gifted in more magical acts of healing (With limits of course) while others like Yasindra (Who is still in training) and Sendeni focus more on medicinal herb usage and mental techniques. Everyone is considered to have their specialty and through the network they are encouraged to use it to help as many people as they can.

Normally after basic training, a Healer will leave the rather large temple building that acts as their hub and go traveling. This is encouraged to help them get their face out there and help them learn about the world and it's people away from the confines of the walls.

While traveling the newer Healers are in plain garbed cloth that tends to be pale in colour to help them stand out as one to the unknowing eye. Normally they also carry a stave, some mark of their home town and a small bag to carry supplies around. Older, more experienced ones tend to have a bit more shiny to their clothing and simple armor in the case of those who go into more hostile areas.

Dragon Lords and Dragons Edit

Weirdly many Healers seem to use Lords and dragons interchangeably in the act of rampage destruction and devouring or just carrying people off for their Lord to ravish them. This generally results in the same reaction of panic and trying to get away from them... with the odd exception. It’s a story that does not seem to have any hope of dying out yet though with the latest development of Sendeni taking on some whelplings that may finally begin to change.

However it was not always this way, in fact in the past it was very different.

Long ago a gravid brood mother was severely ill and nothing any dragon nor the first Lord could do to ease her suffering. This led them to look further afield, to people in hopes of finding a way to help her and her unlaid eggs survive. Time was wearing thin and many were terrified of such a large beast and fled in case it was all just a ruse. However, there was a man who worked as a Healer at the time and was passing through the area decided instead to help and in turn helped save her life.

In gratitude the first Lord and many dragons built a great temple which in turn would become the main hub for healers in training and information source for those travelling. Dragons still occasionally visit though it is near impossible to get further into the temple without an invitation due to a magical barrier designed to keep out those with evil intent. The building it’s self is also pretty indestructible and it certainly will not be age nor war that will wear it down. Of course the other parties also have a way of knowing if anything tries and will viciously defend it coming from seemingly nowhere.

More recently however Healers have become very wary of dragons and Lords since a few centuries before a very renowned Healer was kidnapped by a dragon whom supposedly sang and was devoured soon afterwards causing the current uneasiness. In actual fact it was not a dragon (At that precise time at any rate) and she is alive and well, still doing healing work but far quieter than she even was before. That person is of course Rayen.

Because of this ancient act, no Lord or Dragon will touch a Healer and certainly in the majority of dragon cases, they seem oblivous there is even an issue between them acting like puppies who want scritchies half the time. In fact the Lords need a Healer to keep them in balance if they are part of the second generation and beyond.

Templars Edit

Some Templars can be described as Healers who have got an extra step into protecting as well as serving and as such it is not uncommon to see the two working together. The older/higher ranking ones however often show overzealous attitude and far more military stylings that makes many Healers too nervous to work with them in the field. Certainly there are attempts by the head Templar to keep them on good terms be it in sharing information or lending a hand if they need extra protection in a dangerous area.

Nobody has really questioned why any messages come via letter delivery brought by a new recruit, former Healer or by Arthus himself. It certainly will be interesting in how word that two dragons (albeit one a very warped one) partially destroying the Templar city will be taken given Sendeni has been very quiet on the subject. Granted however, he never saw Arthus prior to the form switch relying instead on what his sister told him likely making it even harder to decide what to do with the information.

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