Only used a couple of times but a reality with a lot of mythos behind it. Notable for one of few times Hance did end up being married and for quite some time at the time of closing and the fact he was actually getting more tolerent of Kale... ish.

The people of this reality included:

Hance Arthus Sendeni Rayen

The Dragon Lord Realm can be summed up as Overlord but with dragons set in a tradtional fantasy which is how the concept started before evolving on it's own. Below is a quick over view of the important groups running around.

A Lord is a person of certain lineage that is able to command groups of dragons using them however they wish in the pursuit of their ideals and in turn have aspects of their brood reflecting on themselves. More details can be found on the Dragon Lord page.

The Healers play an important role acting as that reality's medical force working under one banner and not strictly tied to one kingdom unless under contract. They range from those working with herbs or the rarer few who are able to use magic. They may not be miracle workers but they are vital in helping tend the wounded and ease the suffering. Many have undergone combat training for protection during traveling though stick to lighter armor.

The Templar are a group of people working reluctantly under the banner of one king and seek the extermination of dragons though actively avoid (or try to avoid) broods belonging to Lords. Because of their role and as another branch to Healers, they wear far more heavy duty plate and weaponry as they pursue their duties in the kingdom.

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