Hance Vaithne of this reality is the son of the very first Dragon Lord meaning he's got quite the heritage behind him (Even if the clan colour is pink and he hates it).

Hance appears in his early 20s and at least in the early days looking very formidable in thick black armour and blue cloak. He still has his usual short black hair and tawny eyes though a rather foreboding aura not helped by the fact he is a sword user by nature.

By the time of closing he doesn't bother with the helm anymore and tends to have his wings out when at home. He tends to be far more casual wearing and seems to humour his wife a fair bit about things he should be wearing or done to his hair. He generally has a much friendly vibe though still will happily glare at anything annoying him showing some things never quite changed.

His dragon form is eastern based but more wolf-like and sporting bat-like wings (A stark contrast to his father's feathered ones and something both are a bit puzzled over). Most of his fur is black though he does have patches of pink and flashes of red mixed in.

Personality Edit

While still suffering from amnesia Hance appeared to have suffered the side effects of being away from the presence of a Healer for such an extended priod and no memory of any. This meant that he acted far more aggressive, teeth baring and liable to snap or outright ignore regular people as if they didn't exist. He spoke very little unless he was interacting with his whelplings where perhaps a faint glimmer of how he used to be showed it's self. With them it was like dealing with another person entirely but the cold demur would instantly reassert it's self if he had to deal with anyone, Healer or no. Pretty much his mental state seemed to perceive any non dragon as a potential threat and was very reliant on them to help steer him otherwise when need be which they were pretty effective at.

As he got his memory back, side effects, erratic short term memory loss and lapses permitted, Hance is a lot friendlier though still highly suspicious of outsiders. He would actually speak more than a few words or glare unless for some reason he needed to make a threat. He would even joke about things and generally seemed far happier with life in general to which the whelplings agreed is the best thing ever. Likely because of his return to a more normal state of mind he could treat them even better than he was before and let his wife get away with more things than he'd even dare contemplate before. He also seems far happier at trying new things as he remembered them or learnt which he only did very grudgingly before. He still thinks the pink looks ridiculous though and nothing is ever going to change his mind on that one, powerful clan or not. Oddly enough bar the blips, his long term memory is a lot better than it ever was.

He also loves his Dragon form for lazing about as much as anything particularly in his library or to make larger things with ice magic just because he can. It's still a new experience for him at this time however so it's still early days.

Status Edit

Hance recently gained his Dragon form finally and has been married for at least five years. The whelplings however are still young so that screws up alone time but such is the fate of all Lords till their brood gets a little more... life aware. He has cottoned on to the idea of bribing them by "accidently" leaving the food storage door open however.

History Edit

At the age of 14 while on one of his regular outings from home within his father's territory, Hance disappeared completely and without a trace. He would not be found again for over ten years and even when he was, his amnesia meant he did not even recognise his father and seemed to change into a more confused state able to speak very little just being around him until he was finally cured.

What actually happened was that in protecting a whelpling that was being stolen, the head Templar seemed to recognise him, viciously attacking before slamming him with dark magic causing complete memory loss and left him to die. It's very possible he would have come off a lot worse if not for a small pile of black and red whelplings who discovered him unconscious and led their guardian over to him. Given the reluctance of the brood to abandon him, Hance was adopted into the fold and taken to a temporary cave to let him recover and tend to his wounds.

His new guardian named Bael did not take long to realise this was no mortal he had stumbled upon from the way he spoke so easily to the bouncing stomachs. Of course Hance could answer nothing and given his age there was absolutely nothing to help find where he had come from. Thus began a journey of a new Dragon Lord who ironically took up residence not too far from his father's homeland, making his mark of the world amd gathering up his own brood.

Just over ten years later he would be raiding a town when he came across masked Geists imprisoning villagers within a church basement as they appeared to be looking for something. His empathy not being all that great despite a girl shouting to him for help to find her things before the creatures got to it, it took the whelplings to convince him to bother and even then it was fairly grudgingly. In the end the place caught fire, the Geists fled and Hance took the now unconscious girl home with him to recover properly. This would be Yasindra.

It took a fair while to get more than a few words out of him at first and it's likely the fact her panic about "evil dragons wanting to eat her" hardly helped matters despite the size of the whelps. Slowly but surely however she did start to get more out of him even if he was still stand offish and despite her numerous escape attempts before she had recovered and Bael complaining about how much she demanded things cleaned up. When finally well enough, he allowed her to leave despite the whelplings upset... only for her to be picked up by patroling Templars who were scouting out rumours of dragons in the area. Rescuing her from them meant he ended up revealing his wings for the first time. It proved his point at least why it wasn't safe and given he could not leave for long himself, he suggested a runner to get a message to her brother. Her brother of course being Sendeni, current head of the Healers. It was pretty vague not naming Hance specifically but it did imply a Lord was involved which did get him pretty worried and hauling out to find her.

Within the next week Hance finally admitted he did have feelings for her but never got time to go much beyond him being his usual rather blunt self in getting what he wanted to hear. The peace was not to last though, upon answering the door he was viciously assaulted and despite his best efforts he was beaten unconscious leaving the door wide open for Yas to be taken from him despite Bael and the whelps attempts to prevent it. The culprit being the very one who wreaked his memory in the first place, the Templar leader Arthus.

His father and Sendeni later finds Hance looking very worst for wear from his recent fight. Because of his clearly worsening confused state, likely extra insurance on the magic to prevent him realising who it was, Kale ended up threatening him to get him to move (Pretty much saying as his Sire he was being ordered) but it did work after nothing else seemed to have any effect. He still seems reluctant until prompted that it'd take more than that to bring someone of Bael's type down for good before finally leaving with an increasingly worried Sendeni and his father though speaking very little.

A full-blown fight ended up happening between Kale and the Templar leader who ended up revealing his true appearance. Given what he is it's very doubtful he really is gone but certainly won't be in any hurry to harass that family again. Hance was just more relieved to have Yas back and safe and did not appreciate the cure for his memory problem, namely being punched out. His first angry snap of "What the hell was that for?!" a clear sign he was near back to normal (After a minute or so of confusion from memory snap) though it would take another five years before all the side effects from having his memory messed with for so long would be completely gone. This was of course on time of recovering from his injuries and general exhaustion caused by the whole thing and erratic memory flashes.

A few years on, Hance would enter a time loop that would end up creating the cycle between Arthus and himself. His present self, his future dragons far older than they are now and Kale from when he was about four happened to be the ones pulled together when all the Lords and their dragons were summoned due to an event so vast in nature the damage would echo across the timelines if not prevented. By sheer concidence, Arthus in dragon form and in full bout of insainty happened to be one of those wreaking havoc.

Hance did get the chance to speak to the younger Kale albeit very cagey and amongst other things mentioned only a female friend to not set him off and subconsciously hiding the hand with his wedding ring. He claimed the red hair he was sporting at the time was simply dye from a bet (Completely true, it took a lot to get him to do it) whiich then got Kale to notice a little bit of pink hair showing (Aka Hance maturing and his Clan colour showing) which made him have a complete and utter freak out.

Distractions abounded with a fight that during which caused his dragon form to finally trigger while protecting the ancestor of his wife whom he did not reveal his human self to. While Kale was being chased about by someone who could be related to Rayen who stole most of his clothes and Hance in turn laughing at his father, he took the time to actually get to talk to his older brood. Notably one of which was wearing some goggles Yas had a hand in, the very one he'd rescued from Arthus as a kid which despite looking geeky he was thrilled with.

Upon returning home he has a chat with his father which revealed how badly he wanted to stop the missing period happening or at least hint though he managed not to given he would never have met Yas if not for it. Kale reassured him explaining that because of the time trip, he always knew some day he'd find him again as a small measure of comfort even if he could not explain to Rayen why. After he left, this small part of his life closes and ends up at his current status.

Abilities Edit

During his amnesia period, Hance actually managed to teach himself to pretty effectively use ice magic even if he ended up doing it in an exceedingly roundabout way given he had no guidance outside books and meant he is a bit colder than normal. Getting his memory back has only honed it further making him more dangerous with it than ever even if it could be considered wasted when he made a giantic ice sculpture of a dragon just to impress Yas.

He's currently learning fire magic and is picking it up quickly. While not as good as his ice use yet, he can still wreak things with it.

He has a natural affinity for cold which was notable particularly in how much sheer ice was around his room outside and in which did not bother him. The non-blue whelps however did not share this love so he would try and avoid doing so around them to stop them getting a chill.

He can of course turn into a dragon, which is plainly not designed with protecting things in mind given his size, but he's working to find the best way to use it. Kale has claimed his unusual colouration has likely come about by his want to keep his wife happy and partially his own influence on his subconscious.

He can fly in either form though in his normal state he does find carrying people far more a struggle.

Somehow he ended up with a good relationship with the local wolf pack of his territory. In part it is likely from the whelplings who liked to ride them if given half a chance though he did share food with them in return for acting as an early warning system. He can also understand them meaning he's likely he inherited some of his mother's speaking ability. He's shown the same speaking ability with her owls, dogs and on the rare occasion, horses.

Relationships Edit

Yasindra (NMC)

Hance's wife, she happens to be the healer he stumbled upon while raiding a town. It was her who eventually confirmed something was blocking his memory even if she couldn't shift it, after this discovery he became far easier to talk to. The whelplings adore her as the laydee and she seems to be slowly getting the hang of sort of figuring out what they want, even with a bit of prompting from Hance or Bael. She loved his new dragon form which made him thrilled as he was a little worried how she would react given she had no idea Dragon Lords could even do that.

Kale (NMC)

This is probably the one place he actually gets on pretty well with his father and not QUITE so easily freaked out though probably helps he found a girl before he was rediscovered in the first place which instantly prevented the reason Hance does get fairly skittish around him. He's still not buying the pink thing though doesn't try and deny his heritage despite his heavy dislike of the colour. He's still bemused that Kale never mentioned his wedding ring when he ran into his younger self and claims he was much worse back then.


Hance still feels pretty guilty about his disappearance, more so when he found out she'd fallen into depression as a result. He's been making sure to visit more often or at least get word over via her birds and still seems apologetic despite it being five years since he came back. She has told him it's fine but clearly it will take a bit longer before he finally agrees with that. Still, it's understandable.


Between their spats it's technically 2 to 1 for Arthus given one of the fights was where he wreaked Hance's memory. Should they run into one another again you know it is going to be an exceedingly nasty fight with Hance will have more of a grasp of using his dragon form than when he visited the past and got it to trigger. Time paradoxes are confusing and even Hance admits he's struggling to keep track oh how it's working out. In either case, Arthus is very much on the destroy on sight list and the Templar leader has not been seen since his fight with Kale though it's likely because of his nature it's a long recovery period.

Bael (NMC)

A dragon like creature who acted as custodian to the whelplings that would later become the start of Hance's brood. He still stays at the castle on Hance's insistence though he gets free food, cooked on request!, for it so it's not all bad. He was concerned at first upon discovering Hance's real heritage but it seems to have smoothed over since and continues to act as a guard for the brood. Hance still considers him a close friend and trusted advisor, particularly with helping with the memory side effects and warning Yas if he was about to have another episode during his recovery period.


Hance has spoken little to Yas' brother for understandable reasons and did take a little while to be brought round given the very sudde social contact with people he'd been lacking quite a while. Still, so far he's judged him as someone nice even if he wouldn't 100% trust him with his whelplings as yet.

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