Rayen is a rather famous elven Healer who once lived at the now hub area. Despite playing a minor role her existence is very important lore wise.

While retaining her usual looks and personality, Rayen unintentionally became a rather well known figure around her profession. She used to be known for being very unusual in specialising in animals though had a clear soft spot for children and was known to wander off for a few days before returning, rarely speaking about what she gets up to though was known she kept a diary locked in her quarters.

However one day she left and simply never came back. Word spread that a dragon was heard singing in the nearby forest but this was never confirmed and it was feared that she was actually eaten by it which accidentlly cements the fear of dragons by the ones they're least likely to harm.

There is some hint of truth in this. She actually came across some dragon whelplings who in turn lead her back to their master who indeed did sing after they pestered for him to so she could hear. He only realised her presence when she gave a round of applause afterwards and she's been with him ever since much to the delight of all parties. Where the dragon rumour given he could not appear as one yet came from is unknown though there is a possibility someone deliberately caused that rumour to begin right there.

She later married Kale becoming the first of any such partnerships with a Lord that would set the standard later. She still continued to work as a healer though now having dragons included in her list of work, not that she minded of course as she grew to love the creatures as much as any other.

Her son Hance came far later when those whelplings had grown quite considerably to how they were. They were exceedingly close which is why when he disappeared she fell into depression and would struggle fighting with it until he finally returned despite Kale's best efforts and reassurance. Because of the side effects his memory had for the next few years after, she still found it difficult at times partly from worrying about him but it she took it as more incentive to fight back to resume her more normal self much to the delight of likely everyone around her. Hance getting married is still one of the highlights of her long life and she does make regular excuses to visit or at least one of her owls to.

The healers never did figure out she is still alive. Only Yasindra and Sendeni appear to be aware at all and even that took meeting her to prove it.

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