Arthus Sindari (Presumed) is a demon like creature posing as a human.

Arthus appears about as tall as Hance with blood red eyes, below shoulderblade length pure white hair and a slightly paler than usual complexion. He prides himself in wearing quality clothes and has enough sense to look anything but tacky in the outfit choice he goes for and even gets some attention which he finds amusing. He's more of a scholarly type so while he can pack a punch if necessary it's certainly not blatant in his build.

Personality Edit

To someone he has a potential interest in or around people he seems geniunely charming, quiet and happy to use his vocab rather than his fists when jsut chatting or giving someone a hand. That nice guy next door you might wave to when you see them on the street. To a potential threat or something that has damaged part of his collection however, his far more psychotic tendencies come to bear and just how dangerous this man really is.

To him, a person is a means to an end and to him holds no value unless it's soemthing he wishes for display if it is unique, highly exotic or rare. These objects or misfortunates are his pride and joy showing a far more possessive but caring quality that he keeps hidden from the outside world. Or at least until if it's living, he gets bored of it. Still there's no getting around the fact he is a very selfish, partly vain in terms of his human appearence and self centred individual with little care for anything outside his personal belongings and has a very violent temper.

He's most at home pursing knowledge and whatever shiny he has set his eye on at the time. Being banned hardly seems to stop him when he pursed outlawed magic in his home, if anything it seemed to encourage him. He loves his research and quiet to work, irritations generally don't live very long if they dare interupt without very good reason and he's not afraid to abuse what he can do without moving. It's mostly through threats or blunt metal trauma he has his small workforce.

Status Edit

He's lost control of Hance thanks to his girlfriend and the girl herself which he is a bit annoyed about. Still, seeing Hance as a potential valuable resoruce however he's grudglingly done nothing too direct about it and gone back to his usual work in the meantime. He's not above threats to get him to do as he wants should he need the assistance mind. He does appear to have a demonic creature under his control as well at present.

Occupation Edit

Despite posing as a human it's difficult to say what exactly he does as he is simply pursing his own interests. A researcher and collector of the rare and unusual however seems apt even if it explains little how he gets the funds for the objects you cannot exactly get through blunt trauma.

History Edit

Arthus was actually exiled from his home for breaking into and studying forbidden magic which focused on the mental abilities. He was given something at least to hide himself as human to help keep the rather demonic looking natural self hidden to avoid any trace backs to them but he's not seen any of his family in a rather long time. Not that he cares mind though he often comments he sometimes misses his little brother as idiotic as he was. He's been living amongst humans increasing his knowledge and his collection ever since.

Abilities Edit

Arthus has the ability to surface mind read, enough to glean basic information about the target and current thoughts without too much effort on his part. More in depth however does take much more focus and clsoe contact with the target which is usually why he induces panic to throw things up or knocks them unconscious first.

Furthering on this, he is able to lash out at the mind causing considerable pain or even knocks them out if he strikes hard enough.

He also has limited none mental magic abilities though it's more to throw protection for himself than anything else.

He has proven to have the ability to change his appearence even to non human while hiding himself but he just seems more comfortable as he is for some reason.

Relationships Edit


Apart from experiment reults it's never been clear just why Arthus is so interested in Hance or messing with his affairs. While they are both just as bad for snapping at one another coming to blows is a very rare occurence. They've known one another at least ten years and there is clearly no love lost between them.

Yasindra (NMC)

Arthus has a rather concerning interest in Hance's girlfriend, possibly in part as she is causing him to say go jump more than he used to do. It's also possible with no being pure bloodied human he's curious about her hybrid status and wnats to know more which Hance has point blank not tolerated and be the cause of the few times they've come to blows for the most part.


This demonic creature under the control of Arthus is rather well known for attacking people when he has the munchies or is ordered to remove a target. He doesn't even try and hide what it is and quite happily uses it to terrorise people. Hance is one of exceptionally few on the no touchie list and will lsiten to some orders of which Arthus grudglingly accepts as tolerable.


Arthus is rumoured to be the one who finally killed the Mardia War Leader though reports never confirmed for sure. The truth is Sendeni ahd faked his death and forced arthus to make it appear so making his irrational hatred of the Noctria stronger. It's likely Arthus' interest in him stems from the unique weapon he carries and thus far has not been able to get it off him.

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