Hance Vaithne is (technically) a pure bloodied human that seems destined to have wierd things happen around him.

Hance is about 24 and was born on September 14th and his favourite season is autumn. He's about 5ft 8, white with short black hair and tawny eyes and would happily chill in a t-shirt and jeans forever if he could get away with it. His left arm to the elbow has a more demony-clawed appearance generally dark green going on black which has seemingly stopped going any further. He doesn't really care outside admitting he finds it hard to hold small objects in that hand. The Morsai blood appears to have started fighting back however as he does express discomfort at the top of it and it does seem to have reduced a bit.

He's also pretty fit because his job involves so much running around though denies doing anything special.

Personality Edit

Hance is a wee bit emotionally screwed up to say the least. His father was abusive, mostly mentally towards him, as his mother would not give him half a chance to do otherwise. That and with being kept away from people he is rather un-socialised meaning it can be a bit awkward at first if you're trying to strike up a random conversation and he doesn't know who you are given he'd rather be quiet. He also has a wonderful glaring habit and is naturally very distrustful of people plus he hates crowds. He also hates broad face liars and next to never lies himself instead choosing to be vague or telling half-truths.

This said, to people who know him he can be quite talkative if he feels like it and happy to lend a hand or advice as needed. He is fiercely defensive and loyal of people or animals he cares about and while rather cynical and pessimistic he tries not to judge too much. When his temper gets the best of him he can be a bit ask questions later though he will never EVER lash out at a girl. Likely tied in is the fact he really doesn’t want to be seen as staring at a girl or seen as a pervert and he can get quite flustered or embarrassed trying to further prove he never was.

He often has to be dragged out or persuaded to visit civilisation if it's not work related as he would honestly rather laze out somewhere and read. He's also not a good morning person because of his sleeping habits so waking him up unless it's urgent is not recommended. He's also a bit of a cheapskate which likely explains why he has so much savings.

He also hates sweet foods and can only manage fruit flavours in small doses, more than likely a side effect of his condition though many claim he's just faking it. Has a tea preference if he has to have a hot drink though much prefers a good bitter beer than anything. Oh and he had his hair dyed pink once when he was crashed out at home, he's point blank refused to have his hair colour messed with ever since. Jason still has photographic proof.

Sometimes he also appears to be talking to himself but as to why is unknown as these short words always seem heated if it ever happens.

Status Edit

By some miracle he ended up with a girlfriend who he is very close to and has been trying to move to a more normal sleeping schedule as a result. He still works nights though so is prone to crashing out or getting calls at random.

Occupation Edit

Hance is a hit man for hire if a bit tricky to track down in person so calling is best. He's fairly picky such as kids and women are completely out and only will at night but the higher cost balances out at it will be done and not be traceable. He hates all the paperwork it generates mind.

History Edit

His father is Caleb Tsinar and his mother is Rayen Vaithne, he later changed his name to follow hers as soon as he was old enough to do it though notably had been using it even before that point. His first language is not actually English but something else which he does slip into in times of distress or notably, cursing someone out. When asked what he simply replies it's what they all spoke at home but it wasn't liked he could also speak it. Not that it stops him really but he seems respectful of those not understanding a damn thing he's saying.

Abilities Edit

Because of his father's steadily growing insanity, he was force given Morsai blood at a young age that slowly as he's gotten older has had unusual reactions. Given how subtle they have been in coming in he barely even notices any difference but they include:

Preference to being up at night, he actively struggles with a daytime schedule unless he forces himself to switch over a period of a few months to let it settle.

Enhanced night vision.

Aversion to bright lights because of the pain.

Highly sensitive to high-pitched noises to the point of pain though enhanced hearing in general.

Aversion to strong smells.

Limited tracking abilities by scent though this seems to be improving as he gets older.

He seems to understand canines fine even if he can't respond as they do.

He has also been known to show Morsai like behaviour like teeth bearing, growling and teeth snaps if agitated enough but he doesn't seem to be aware he's doing it or considers it perfectly normal. Usually his eye colour takes on a more amber appearance during these fits before receding back into his natural tawny.

He has been shown to understand some birds of prey and horses as well. He claims songbirds sounds like gibberish to him so it's very possible a little of his mother's talent was passed down but with his upbringing it never ended up as good as it could have been.

He does seem to heal a tad quicker than normal though given how messed up he is internally it is difficult to say what exactly is causing it.

Relationships Edit

Yasindra (NMC)

Hance's girlfriend even if it took a long time for either to admit it. They are exceedingly close and she loves to abuse the fact he taught himself to cook. Given how much calmer he's been since she can only have been a good influence on him.


To Hance's mind only two good things came from his father: The fact he exists and the fact Caleb forced him into sword training which has actually benefited him hugely in the long run as normal really hates him. Otherwise he refuses to acknowledge him as a parent and generally refers to him in the third person if he does at all and never expect him to in a nice manner.


Hance's mother though they look nothing alike really as it would seem he got her mostly via personality. Because of his circumstances he's very attached and still keeps a photo of her in his wallet.


Best friend of somehow status, the fact Hance swears so much is likely Jason's fault for "corrupting his English".


Hance detests him second only to his father bad. Apparently the demon arm is something to do with him which is on occasion used as leverage to go find something for Arthus in trade for easing the discomfort. The sword he is sometimes seen with is actually something Hance managed to get out of him at one point.

Wolf Pack

He loves these guys very much and regularly visits them or them to him. He shares food with them and sometimes looks after the pups if he gets asked. It took some years to get such a close relationship but it's at the point now he can sometimes be seen crashed out covered in a slumbering pile of fur... Aside from the Alpha Male who has got the idea into his head Hance wants to steal his girl despite in this particular version he's pretty much human.


Hance finds him a bit skittish for his liking but it's clear he has a fondness for the younger man. They've only known each other a few years which might explain why Hance has chosen to keep quiet about his real profession. That and how naive he is though telling him he helps track down people isn't strictly untrue. He's definately one of those people Hance will happily help out if he needs it.

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