Jason is a human of mixed descent and best friend of Hance for many years.

Jason is about 24 was born on the 16th Feburary and is a few months younger than Hance which caused hilarity when he ratetd him out about drinking before he was of age. He's about 5 ft 6, blonde haired though he frequently dyes it due to blonde jokes and brown eyed. He's one of those people you know him when you see him because he'll either be with Hance, drinking or chatting up girls. He lives a simple life to say the least.

Personality Edit

A naturally cheerful and social person (Aka the complete 180 on Hance), Jason can be defined as a self confessed skirt chaser and prone to doing things on whimsy because of it or just get easily distracted in general. He loves to drink even if he can't match Hance pint for pint and claims life is too boring if you're sober. He's usually the culprit for dragging Hance out refusing to take no for an answer and desptie the amount of complaining he gets the fact he stays put means he doesn't mind too badly. It balances out with the fact he's a total cheapskate.

This said he's a very loyal friend and if you tell him to quit it or to keep quiet about something you know for certain he'll do it which surprises most. Granted on occasion you might have to whack him to get his attention if he's distracted but it's a small price to pay and Hance rarely abuses it too badly. Besides Jason gets revenge as being the person who dyed his hair pink when he was crashed out on the sofa one time and sensibly took photos which Hance's girlfriend found hilarious when he showed her. He's a wonderful git when he wants to be. Surpisingly also Jason really does not give a damn about the weird crap that goes on around Hance. He asked if the arm was real once and if he was from elsewhere because of the different language use and thats about it.

He is a bit skittish and taller/burly men freak him the hell out so will try and make a dive for Hance to save him if he can. Hance being the good friend that he is only lets him suffer if he really walked into it in hopes that he'll maybe learn to keep his mouth shut. Many years on, it's not going very well.

Status Edit

Single (Everyone cheer for that one) and just generally trundling through life as he does.

Occupation Edit

Jason occasionally does hit jobs as well though Hance and some of the other high tiers have pretty much cornered that market. He does odd jobs otherwise as unlike some people living in the middle of nowhere he's got rent to pay.

History Edit

Jason had a bit of a rough and tumble childhood. With no siblings, a disinterested mother and a father regularly working away it's hardly surpising he ended up spending half the time pissing around rather than getting on with things and certainly no grasp of saving money. His parent's have long split and he sees his dad far more who still gives him a bit extra money to help tide him over.

He first met Hance when they were both young and Jason was skiving off at the time. Hance's frequent misunderstandings of sayings and purchance for swearing and mostly his fault but at least it gave them both at least one friend out there in the big wide world.

Relationships Edit


Supposedly the reason Hance swears so much stems from Jason "corrupting his english" which is something he's proud of. These two have been best friends for years despite how unlikely it seems and they get on extremely well and look out for one another. They occasionally have chair fights too if Hance is in a seriously pissy mood and Jason is refusing to accept no for an answer. Hance does admit if they were siblings he'd have probably killed him by now which made Jason laugh and say that drinking contests would be totally boring too.


By some miracle he may have finally ditched her. Lydia has been his on off girlfriend for years and despite Hance's warnings to just leave her he always took her back for whatever reason. Of course she was only ever interested in Hance and Jason was the best way to get close leaving him being strung round some time.

Needless to say it was one of the few times Hance willingly celebrated anything.

Yasindra (NMC)

Jason gets on pretty well with Hance's girlfriend all things considered. he was the one who shared the pink hair photos and quite happ to regal funny tales the two of them have created over the years. He only needed telling to back off once and he never bothered again in the hitting on but then that was before they were even going out. He likes her though and quite happy to assist in any plots that he can get a laugh out of if asked as long as he doesn't get the blame.


Despite not being much of a drinker Jason does like him and seems happy to play along with Hance's work claim. He does have a habit of pissing around and making fun of him though it's pretty light hearted. Probably nice to have someone to chat too when Hance is being particualrly unsocial and Alexander is quite chatty when not so nervous. Jason still doesn't believe his hair is naturally that red though.

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