Rayen Vaithne is the mother of Hance and the ex-wife of Caleb Tsniar. She did not change her name upon marriage in memory of her father whom she adored. She can talk to animals and is a healer by nature which is soemthing she tries to keep quiet in fear of bad reactions. Because of this she tends to be a bit shy socially prefering to stay with family and people she knows if she has to deal with crowds of people.

She has two birds who help by acting as runners if she needs to pass messages along or to help find things. They are Deja a Tawny owl and Artemis a Snowy owl.

She is a motherly person who adores all animals and children particularly. It's hard to get her angry but things tend to break when she is. It's likely her devotion to her son and want to protect him and the fact Caleb could find them whenever they tried to go slowly wore her beyond fighting back.

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