Welcome to the Vaithne WikiEdit

Welcome to the Vaithne wiki!

This is being created as a lasting tribute to the person who helped spawn the existance of many of these characters and stories that are not fan based in nature. Any character that does not belong to me is marked as (NMC) and these do not have a specific page due to the fact as I am not their creator, I do not wish to do them ill justice. Because of that I have alluded to information about them on character pages and the overview pages for each reality as relevent.

Because these happened over the course of eight years it should be noted that some stories never got far. Others never completed and some that have simply faded so badly from memory I only remember fragments or an event from it. As such I may make a small reference to these or simply not at all depending on what it is though you are welcome to ask. I'm not afraid to admit many of these focus on a story/stories that has the most information.

I am currently editing pages at random depending on how I feel at the time so if it's only got a few rough lines I'm afraid I have not worked on that page as yet. I also hope to do more art of various people for the pages over time.

In loving memory of Gigi (Yas) Johnson.

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Latest activityEdit

  • new page Dhea
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Zera is the horse Hance generally has in the Were Realm reality if it's an older time. She's a fiesty well built mare who is perfect for the common...
  • new page Were!Realm
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: The reality in which Hance is actualy a pure bloodied Morsai or a rare Morsai were shifter and contained many storylines from Red Riding Hood rips...
  • new page The Head Gardener
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: The resident gardener no matter what in the God Realm will always be a little brown rabbit wearing a straw hat. Please do not pick or otherwise ...
  • new page Templars
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Templar are the Paladin alikes of the Dragon Lord realm albeit they seek the extermination of dragons and are far from innocent themselves.
  • new page Main!Realm Sendeni
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Sendeni Mardia is the technically first existing Noctria though exceedingly few actually knows this and is known to have been the factional leader...
  • new page Main!Realm Rayen
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Rayen Vaithne is the mother of Hance and the ex-wife of Caleb Tsniar. She did not change her name upon marriage in memory of her father whom she...
  • new page Noir
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Noir scarily began as a IF HANCE WAS FEMALE but also turned into her own character. Eventually she became the kid sister of Hance and a real ...
  • new page Noctria
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Noctria are humany bird people said the descend from a man and a crane like bird some time before. Because of the fatc they live extended life ...
  • new page Morsai
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: Morsai are a species of horned wolf like creatures that are sentinent though unable to speak. They are very wary of outsiders and will attack if it...
  • new page Main!Realm
    created by Notalope Pineapple
    New page: The characters listed here are part of the Main Realm cannon aka these are things that were there long before the more elaborate crazy happened. As...

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